Corrinas Fuzzy Animals
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NEW PICS ADDED  12/5/09 at bottom
This page is to show the pictures of the baby ferrets, please go on the FOR SALE page to see what i still need to re-home and if you are interested contact me.


Around 2 weeks

Around three weeks

all the crew taken on the 20th april

Champaine point hob                                                   champaine point hob

Albino hob                                                                  polecat(sable)jill

Champaine point hob                                                   champaine point hob

polecat (sable) jill                                                        champaine point hob

silver mitt he has a dark T nose so cute                          Albino jill

Polecat (sable) hob


Natashas                                                                     izabellas
     Albino hob                                                                        champaine point hob

    keeping him lol                                                                      Kates
                                                              champaine point hobs

Natashas "spike"
                                                                 champaine point hobs

 mathews                                                                                charlies also named "didget"
champaine point hob                                                            polecat (sable jill)

mine     "didget"                                                                 Natashas  "Boomer"
polecat (sable jill)                                                                            polecat (sable hob)

Amys "daisy"                                                                  Mine "Cricket"
Albino jill                                                                                           silver mitt hob

silver mitt hob (showing colour)

almost 6 weeks

sleepy time                                                                 Izabella's boy

"Baby boomer" natasha's boy                                                                  natasha's boy

"cricket" hes staying with me                                              "diget" shes staying with me

charlie's girl                                                                "daisy" Amy's girl

Mathews boy                                                             "spike" lol natasha's boy

"Rocket" hes staying with me                                      Kate's boy

more pics will come as they grow